Educators Reward Program

Educators may receive up to 20% commission reward with Austin Real Estate Partners

Are you a full-time teacher, staff member or part of the administration at a school? If so, we would like to help you buy your next house by sending a portion of our commission toward your closing costs!

That’s right, we offer full-time Teachers, Administration and Staff members a 20% commission reward at closing.

Let’s walk through a quick example… a $200,000 home purchase. Typically, the buyer’s agent who represented you would earn 2-3% of the sales price in commission – paid by the listing agent. That’s something between $4,000 to $6,000.00 in commission. With our Educators Reward, 20% of that amount would be directed and applied to offset some of your closing costs. That means you would receive $800 to $1200 from me applied as a ‘credit’ toward your closing costs!

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Contact us if you have questions about this or other rewards programs at (512) 288-8088.