Meridian Housing Market Update April 2017

Wow, what a difference one month makes!

We have entered the Spring Selling Season. In April Meridian recorded 8 Homes Sold, that’s 5 more than were recorded in March. Seems the jump in sales could be caused by several homes priced below $500k. The median sales price in April was $491k while the median price in March was $710k.

Over the prior six (6) months of sales, Meridian recorded 17 sales – with an average size of 3370 sf, and $537k. As of May 4th, there were 9 homes available for sale in the MLS with an average price of $759k.

The most sales were centered on homes between 3500-3999 sf (7) selling for an average of $152/sf or $557k. One super-sized property (>4500 sf) sold for approximately $165/sf or $745k.

The latest report appears below for your convenience. To see more details about sales in Meridian over the past 6, 12 or 18 months, feel free to send us a note and request a sales history report. Alternatively, we are now publishing a monthly update in the Neighbors of Circle C and Meridian magazine that is delivered to residents of Meridian by US Post.

Meridian Market Statistics


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